9 Modules aligned with the moon cycle

Guided meditations and Breath Work

Therapeutic Movement and Yoga

Womb healing to clear energetic blockages

Cultivate a daily self love ritual/practice

Sprout Sisterhood- 9 virtual sister circles!

Sprout Sensual Care Practices

Womb and Breast Massage

Life-long access to Private FB Group

Sunset Yoga

Moon Cycle Modules

We will have 9 Zoom Sister Circles aligned with 2 Moon Cycles:


On the New Moon we will have an opening ceremony, GROUND ourselves, get CLEAR on our intentions, and set new goals aligned with our highest self. We cleanse the womb, visualize, journal, breathe, move and do some sensual goddess, heart-expanding exercises!

The First Quarter is a chance to review/refine our intentions and goals. This will be a lot of womb work and diving deep into Shadow work. This will be a time of vulnerability and finding what is hidden in our shadows. We'll be removing obstacles in the way of our goals. Meditation, journaling and sensual goddess exercises to be more fully in our pleasure.

The Full Moon is a high vibration celebration of abundance and a powerful time to release that which no longer serves! Healing and celebration through Freedom Movement, breast massage, voice activation, powerful release ceremony and creativity