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Are you honoring yourself and your TRUE soul's desires in the way that you deserve?

Do you know your true worth?

Or maybe you forgot your TRUE POWER...

It's time to remember your value, and that you are WORTHY of feeling inner peace and DEEP LOVE for yourself!

It's time to RECLAIM your BODY...

It's time to RECLAIM your WOMB..

It's time to RECLAIM YOUR mind and spirit..

It's time to Reclaim your LIFE!

Join me for 9 weeks of deep self love exploration in a safe space.


Reclaim Your Life!
What are you waiting for?

Let's walk together in a SAFE space.

By the end of this program, you will:

Prioritize yourself more

Feel more connected to your body and the wisdom of your womb

Feel more energized and motivated

Feel more empowered and confident

Remember your VALUE

Feel deeper inner peace

Become more resilient

Feel more grounded and centered in your true nature

Connect to and be supported by sisters

You DON'T have to do it alone!!!


What's included?

9 Modules of Self and Group Exploration

9 Weekly Live Sister Circles/Group Calls

2 Full Moon Celebrations


2 New Moon Celebrations

Guided Meditations


Healing Movement

Deep experiences to help you fall deeper in love with your self

Sprout Sisterhood FB Group for support

BONUSES to help you SPROUT into your highest self!



A 2 hour womb healing ceremony to cleanse your womb of unwanted energy (from trauma, previous partners, etc) and activate intuition and creativity ($222 value)

Sprout Love-2.png

30 days of journal prompts, aligned with the moon cycle, intended unlock answers already within you, inspire you, gain clarity and align your actions with intentions.


A yoni steam blend to detoxify your physical and energetic womb. These herbs are sustainaly sourced, and some grown in our garden and hand blended by me and my kiddo.


A 30 minute yoni steam meditation to take you on a deep journey of release, cleansing and connection with this sacred space.

Cleanse the energy of your space with a beautiful herbal smudge bundle, crafted my me and kiddo with herbs and flowers from our garden!


Doors Close soon!

Danielle Amelia

IMG_5935 (1).jpg

I'm a mom, self love mentor, empowerment coach and soul-aligned business coach! I help women overcome fear and self doubt, so they can step into their power and create a life and business of their dreams!


I have overcome years of depression, anxiety, low self esteem and stepped into my power and my unique voice. My medicine is to share the journey that I've been on and the ways in which I overcame my struggles.

Energetic Exchange

Paid in Full $555 (Save $145)
or 2 payments of $325


Hurry! Join by November 1st and you are gifted a FREE 1-on-1 coaching call ($120 value)!

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