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Sacred Self Love Ceremony

You did it! You committed to yourself! You committed to loving yourself unconditionally.


Grab your journal, ceremonial beverage, oil for self massage (or lotion), anything to set your sacred space! Wear comfy clothes so you can move!

Remember, for this 1 hour ceremony, this is about how you FEEL, not about how you look!


It's okay to get weird! It's okay to become friends with your body and your unique self!

Sacred Self Love Ceremony

Sacred Self Love Ceremony

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If you enjoyed this sacred self love ceremony, there is a beautiful opportunity to expand and go much deeper!

I'm looking for 11 women who are ready to go from feeling less than excited about life to fulfilled, inspired, empowered and ready to share their unique soul's expression to the world!

The Wild Creatrix is a 9 week group program that will inspire you to step into your power, so that you can share your unique soul's expression with the world!

Are you ready to expand and step into your true purpose?

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