Have you been feeling stress and anxiety during these times?

Missing that deep connection with sisters?

Feeling out of touch with yourself and need healing on a deep level?


Maybe you’re feeling like you are constantly dealing with external issues, but have been neglecting what’s going on WITHIN?

Then we have something for you, sister!


A beautiful IN-PERSON immersion in one of the most beautiful places on earth- Lake Tahoe, December 3rd-6th

This is a space where you can pause the constant hustle and "go! go! go!" mindset, shed layers of societal expectations and just BE. 


You can surrender and turn Within.

You will feel deep inner peace, safe connection with sisters, release of energetic blockages and connection to mind/body/soul. 


Set in a gorgeous, spacious retreat space in Lake Tahoe...


You will be held deeply in this safe container.

There are 12 seats available for sisters who are ready to surrender and go deeply within.



  • Sister Circles 

  • Meditation & Breathwork

  • Local, Organic Nourishing Food
  • Yoni Spa & Herbal Healing

  • Womb Healing

  • Grounding in Nature

  • Art Workshops

  • Plant Medicine

  • Yoga & Therapeutic Movement 

  • Hot tub to relax and rejuvenate

  • Guided journaling for deeper self love

  • Beautiful Sprout Self Love Healing Gift Basket

December 3rd-6th 2021

IMG_5935 (1).jpg
Marble Surface


Danielle is a mom, intuitive life coach and self love mentor for women. She overcame years of depression and now helps women heal mentally, spiritually and physically through movement medicine, yoga, herbs, meditation, and breathwork. 


Shannon is a mom of 2, health coach, photographer and interior designer. She will be bringing herbal wisdom for healing, nutrition knowledge, beautiful photos and beautification of our sacred space!

Marble Surface



$1,599 Private Room,

Queen Bed (pictures upon request)

All Inclusive

$1,199 Shared Sister Room. Twin Bed, Shared Bathroom (Pictures upon request)

All Inclusive

Ticket Sales End

November 20th!