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Do you feel like you aren't living out the purpose you were meant to live on this planet?


Do you know there is an authentic, soul mission for you to fulfill on this planet, but you're not sure what yet?


Or maybe you know what it is, but you're just feeling a little stuck in life and business right now?


It's time to undo the years of conditioning that has held you back from stepping into your fullest, most wild and authentic expression of yourself.

The Wild Creatrix is a woman who is ready to undo layers that aren't meant for her, so she can surrender into her true, wild nature and create from an aligned place...


The Wild Creatrix!
Create the life and business of your dreams!

Let's walk together in a SAFE space.

By the end of this program, you will:

Remove energetic blockages and limiting beliefs that are


holding you back from your fullest expression!

Feel more connected to your body, feel safer in your body


Unlock your creative potential, ignite your creativity


Feel more aligned with your authentic self & true purpose

Connect deeply to your body and your womb wisdom


Overcome fear and self doubt

Feel more empowered to express your wild authenticity

Connect to and be supported by sisters


What's included?

9 Modules of Self and Group Exploration

2 Full Moon Celebrations


2 New Moon Celebrations

Guided Meditations


Healing Movement

Sprout Sisterhood FB Group for support

BONUSES to help you SPROUT into your highest self!


free women's circle today 3-5pm pst zoom(1).png

A 1 hour sacred self love ceremony to cultivate deeper self love, feel more self compassion and acceptance, and feel more at home in your body. Trust yourself more!

Sprout Love-2.png

30 days of journal prompts, aligned with the moon cycle, intended unlock answers already within you, inspire you, gain clarity and align your actions with intentions.


A yoni steam blend to detoxify your physical and energetic womb. These herbs are sustainaly sourced, and some grown in our garden and hand blended by me and my kiddo.


A 30 minute yoni steam meditation to take you on a deep journey of release, cleansing and connection with this sacred space.

Doors Close soon!

Danielle Amelia


I'm a mom, trauma recovery warrior, self love mentor, and soul-aligned business coach! I help women overcome fear and self doubt, so they can step into their power and create a life and business of their dreams!


I have overcome years of dysregulation, depression, anxiety, low self esteem and stepped into my power and authenticity. My medicine is to share the journey that I've been on and the ways in which I overcame my struggles, and became a passionate medicine woman for the community!

I'm offering this beautiful 9 week experience at a sliding scale of $333-$555. Please offer what you can, with the understanding that this work takes time, energy, careful planning and years of my collective experience!

Join by March 1st and you are gifted a FREE 1-on-1 coaching call ($120 value)!

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